Interactive Web Portals (Participant, Employer, Trustee and Provider)


Establishing a Fund website

  • Reduces paper and postage costs
  • Lowers the number of phone calls to the Fund Office
  • Provides a "virtual employee" who works 24/7

ISSi-Sites are professionally designed and modified to meet your Fund's unique needs. In addition to a public site with a broad range of general information, the site contains secure, interactive portals for:

  • Participants
  • Trustees
  • Service Providers

When paired with ISSI's electronic remittance system, ISSi-Remit, the site enables Employers to submit remittance reports and make payments online.

ISSi-Site Brochure


ISSi-Remit accurately captures, manages, and transfers remittance data electronically, allowing Employers to submit reports and make payments online to the Fund office. This secure, easy- to-use module

  • Reduces remittance and payment errors by eliminating duplicate entry of remittance data
  • Allows Employers to deposit contributions directly to the Funds online
  • Saves time and money for both the Funds and Employers

ISSi-Remit Brochure

Case Study: Faster Employer Remittance

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